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Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is going to be a long one! Our summer has been full and crazy but I am starting to learn that it's not just our schedule that is full and crazy... its just life! 

Daddy's sunflowers have grown so tall! 

Sweet friends

Hanging out on the carousel 

Ponies at the street fair! Don't you think Kenley needs a pony?!

Playing Baby and Doctor... Kenley has been really into playing pretend lately. This girl has a big imagination! 

I was able to go on a date day with Kenley last weekend! 

First Stop: The Library

Second Stop: Starbucks 

Off to Gramma and Grandpa's! 

Date Night! 

April and the kids came over and we made tie-dye shirts with the big girls! It was super fun (and messy) and now I want to make more! 

Starbucks before church! 

We took the girls to the drive-in movie theater! We went to see Planes. It was super fun but it was a VERY late night! Claire fell asleep about 20 minutes before it ended and about that time Kenley started asking me if she could relax her eyes. :) 

Super Why came to Pottery Barn Kids! Kenley loved meeting Super Why and she has been talking about it ever since! 

After meeting Super Why we went over to the zoo to try to get a glimpse of the newborn giraffe! 

Claire wanted make the Elephant Poo Paper..

We barely got a glimpse of the baby but the baby's Auntie Tufani was very friendly to us! The girls could have sat and watched her all day! 


 Craftivity Camp! 

That was one day's strawberry harvest! I love eating our home grown foods! 

On Friday, Gracen came over for the girls last sleepover :( 

We did lots and lots of crafts! 

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