Top Shot!!! We met Gabby and Kyle!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Brian and I are huge Top Shot fans so I was very excited to find out that Norpoint Shooting Center, our local shooting range, would be hosting several events lead by Gabby Franco. Gabby is awesome! Barbara came with me to Gabby's Tough Girls in Pink Seminar. The seminar covered many topics but the overall element was keeping your femininity and also being prepared to defend yourself if you need to. I am so thankful that we went! 

Before the seminar there was a meet and greet with both Gabby Franco and Kyle Sumpter. Kyle and Gabby were both on Seasons 4 & 5 of Top Shot and Kyle is from Kent, WA! 

Kyle was so easy to talk to and he let me ask lots of questions about the logistics of Top Shot's filming.  He told me that some of the challenges take all day to shoot. Also the show is filmed in California and it takes 6 weeks to shoot the show. I totally forgot to ask what they keep in their backpacks though! I wonder that each time I watch!! 

Gabby was awesome as well! I loved asking her questions and I feel like I came away from her seminar with a list of things that I was encouraged to improve on. I also LOVE that she is a short like me! I think that means that I don't have any excuses! 

Here are a few of my notes from the Seminar! 
  1. Your life must always be YOUR priority. You can't expect for the police or others to get to you in time to handle the situation. 
  2. Society automatically puts women in Victim-land. Don't be a victim. Take control of your situation
  3. Protect your information. (Facebook doesn't need to know your whereabouts.)
  4. Always process the situations that you are in... Be aware of your surroundings, exits, etc! 
  5. Make a plan for emergency situations. (i.e. If we are out and something happens who will take the girls if we need to split up.) 
  6. Drop things to reach your weapon! Don't be worried about dropping the groceries or shopping bags that you are carrying!
  7. Always have your keys in your hands as you walk to your car. 
  8. You should have 3 weapons on you most of the time. Pepper Spray, a Knife, and a Gun (obviously you will not be able to have all 3 of these with you at all times, but you will likely be able to have at least 1)

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