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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have been taking pictures of all my whole30 meals and posting them on Instagram... Now the girls want me to take pictures of their plates too! 

We have been watching Marilyn's 50 States song over and over again to learn the 50 states. We picked up some maps at the school supply store and the girls try to point to the states as we sing the song! It is now stuck in Brian and I's heads all the time... On the plus side, I know the states pretty well now! 

I'm working on a Christmas present for our girls and for the Carruthers kids! It is turning out so cute! 

Kenley requested to paint on canvas the other day. She painted a portrait of her baby in that baby bed. So cute! I love it when she does self guided projects and crafts! 

Friday night I went to see Catching Fire with my friends! Love them! 

Amanda braided my hair in the bathroom so that we could all have Katniss hair! Yay for bathroom selfies! 

Last night we went to see Disney on Ice Rockin Ever After. It was so fun! I totally teared up in the first few moments as I was watching the wonderment on the girls faces! It was priceless! 

Claire's face most of the show... taking it all in... 

Claire's face when she recognized a character that she loves.... jaw dropped! So adorable! 

My little Cinderella

Amanda and I accidentally dressed matching on Friday night so it was only fitting that we dressed our children matching on Sunday morning! Happy Birthday Amanda! I am so thankful for our growing friendship! 

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