Last Day @ Rising Stars Gymnastics

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Monday was our last class at Rising Stars Gymnastics. We have loved having the girls in gymnastics! It is great for them to be active, push themselves to be brave and conquer fears, and learn to follow directions as part of a class! 

Two weeks ago, Claire moved up to the big class and then on Monday Kenley moved up to the hour class. They both did so well in their new groups! They were pushed in new ways and Brian and I were so proud of how well they did and how far they have come! 

Kenley rocked the balance beam this day! She was so brave and was crawling up to get on the big balance beam by herself without steps or help from her coach! 

She even did bear walks on the balance beam! Brave strong girl! 

Our little gymnasts 

The girls with their coaches! 
We love Coach Briana, Coach Leslie, and Coach Dawn! 

If you are looking for a gymnastics gym in the Marysville area we definitely recommend Rising Stars!! The coaches are wonderful! 

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Emily said...

I loved my time there as a kid :] Back when they were in a much smaller space ha.