Melting Beads!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The past few days have been gray and rainy. The poor girls have been cooped up inside stuck watching WAY TOO MUCH TV while Brian and I clean, organize, and pack. That means it was time for a crafting break! 

When I was younger I loved making melting bead creations! Now it is fun getting to share that with Kenley!  My mom saved of our bin of melting bead supplies and creations. Kenley loves going through it to see what Auntie Kimbe and I made. In my day they only had square, circle, heart, star, and octagon peg boards. Now they have all different shaped peg boards to make creating even more fun! We headed to the craft store to pick up more beads and we also picked up the Horse and the Butterfly peg boards. 

Another new thing since my day is the biggie beads! I love them for this age. Kenley likes to do the little ones but gets easily frustrated with them. We don't have that problem with the biggie beads and Claire can even do them if she decides to cooperate :) 

These beads are great for working on fine motor skills too! 

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