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Friday, July 11, 2014

Claire draws people now... I love it! 

Kenley drew this picture of her and Gracen. They are dressed like an elephant and a giraffe and are holding matching balloons :) She still loves her Bestie a lot! 

We've started a new tradition with birthday count down chains! Kenley loves it! The very first thing she does when her eyes pop open in the morning is to run to cut off a chain :) 

The girls have been cashing in lots of our summer reading coupons! This one was Frozen Yogurt with Daddy! 

Green grapes... dipped in white chocolate... dipped in crushed peanuts.... 
So YUMMY!!! 

I've been working on Kenley's birthday party decorations and stuff! 

We tested out a craft that we might do at the party! 

This shower curtain is my party inspiration colors.. I texted it to Amanda the other day and told her that I probably just should have bought this shower curtain rather than toiling away at the backdrop I am making! I'll have to remember this for next time! 

Tuesday night we put the girls down for bed and then an hour-ish later we went in and woke them up an took them to McDonald's for Ice Cream cones! So fun!!
*I need to note that there was an incident with a HUGE Scorpion looking bug in Kenley's hair... I am still creeped out by it! Thankfully Daddy took care of it before she could find out! 

Gramma and Grandpa arrived (on their motorcycle) Wednesday night so now we are having fun spending the week with them! 
Can you believe that they rode their motorcycle across the whole country to get to us?! And... they are going to do it again in a week?! 

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