Summer Reading

Thursday, July 3, 2014

You hear it everywhere that you need to read read read to your kids. I love reading and I want the girls to love reading as well.... But honestly, reading out loud tends to be one of the first things that gets dropped from our days when things get busy. This summer, I have a goal of forming a habit out of reading aloud to the girls. To get the girls excited about our new reading regimen, we have been using the Summer Reading Star printables from

We've been reading through the American Girl Kirsten Series and Kenley especially has really enjoyed it! I like that these books are simple readers that keep the girls attention. 1854 is a pretty neat time to read about! I like to ask them questions about what happened after we finish each chapter to really help them understand and also to encourage that they listen. :) 

This Bingo chart makes our reading each day super fun for the girls! Most days they beg me to do reading time! 

The first coupon the girls earned was for lunch at McDonald's! We have pretty much stopped going to fast food but the girls still ask for it all the time so this was a special treat for them! 

 The girls are pretty excited to finish up the whole bingo board and earn this golden ticket...
Kenley asked me what we were going to do when we finished up this bingo chart. I asked her what she wanted me to do and she said make another chart. I'll take that as a sign that this little program is working for us!  

We have also enrolled in the base library and our town library's summer reading programs so we have made lots of trips to the libraries! 

We created our own little library with all of the books we checked out this week! The girls love playing library and I conducted multiple "storytimes" for the girls baby dolls yesterday :) 

Next up on my Summer reading goal is to read on my iPad less and read real books in front of the girls more. I rent ebooks from the library all the time and its so quick and easy! I love it, but I would rather the girls see me readying a physical book than being on my iPad. 

What are your favorite read aloud books? 
Since Kirsten has been such a hit, I think we will go through all of the American Girl books. Then I think we will start the Little House books. Any other suggestions for us? 


Anonymous said...

Oh man, you moved too soon! We are selling Hannah's entire American Girl Collection! Kristen, Molly, and Samantha were her favorites. If you read through Molly or Samantha, as a treat afterwards you can rent the movies from the library.

Unknown said...

I loved The Boxcar Children and any books by Beverly Cleary

Unknown said...

Also Roald Dahl and L. Frank Baum:)

Andi Nicole said...

I personally loved the Felicity series!! Its set in the American Revolution time. The Hoeglund girls and I actually took an American girl reading/history class when we home-schooled! Ha! It was great! We had tea parties and made food that was from that time and then we actually made shawls. :)) But Roald Dahl is also fun to read!