Camping at Goose Creek and Camping on Whole30!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Last weekend we went on a little camping trip to Goose Creek State Park. Summer is dwindling down and we are really trying to make the most out of it! We are also in the midst of another Whole30 which added a bit of a challenge as to what to pack for food! I'll share what we ended up eating as well as some other ideas so I can reference back to this next time we go camping! 

We really enjoyed Goose Creek State Park and we will definitely be returning often! In the welcome center they have lots of taxidermy animals and birds as well as drawers that have different animal pelts, tracks, and scat in them. The girls love this kind of stuff. That is homeschool to me.... learning from our surroundings! I loved it!

Near our campsite was a great little dock! Next time we want to bring fishing stuff and a canoe! This time the girls were happy to just touch the water with their hands and feet and throw rocks. 

We went on a few hikes too! The girls were troopers and overall did really well! I think that we are learning that the key to hiking with kids is to take lots of snack breaks :) 

We saw lots of wildlife but this turtle was the only thing the girls were able to touch :) 

It makes my heart swell when they want to hold each others hand...

For dinner our first night we had Onion Bombs and Sweet Potatoes. Both of which I prepared ahead of time, wrapped in foil, and we cooked directly in the fire! 

Onion Bombs are basically Meatloaf balls wrapped in an onion. They are pretty much the best camping food ever. We LOVE them. I used my Paleo Meatloaf recipe and stuffed it into the onion shells. Throw them in the fire and check for doneness with a meat thermometer! 

We packed Cinnamon Ghee to top our cooked sweet potatoes with. Again so yummy! This post is making me hungry! 

For Breakfast I packed chopped onions, green peppers, potatoes, and ghee. Brian cooked that in the cast iron skillet and then scrambled some eggs into it. I also packed hard boiled eggs for snacks or for lunch. 

For lunches and snacks we packed Applegate hot dogs, chicken apple sausages, hard boiled eggs, homemade beef jerky, almonds, Justin's almond butter pouches, and applesauce squeeze pouches. I meant to pack Larabars but they accidentally got left at home. When I made the meatloaf I doubled the ketchup recipe so that we could have ketchup and mustard with our hot dogs. (I also packed PB & J for the girls) 

Here is CLo enjoying the beef jerky on a hike! Next time I make jerky I will write down what I used for the marinade so I can share the recipe! 

The night before we went camping I also made a batch of Paleo chili and put it in mason jars. We reheated the chili over the fire and topped it with avocado! Next time we go camping for a longer trip I will do this again but freeze the chili in the mason jar so that this meal can be used later on in the week. 

It rained our second day so the girls had fun playing cards together in the tent while Mommy napped. :)

Whole30 S'mores :) 
Seriously though next time you go camping roast some peaches! They were delicious! 

On our way out the deer came to send us off! 
Until next time Goose Creek! 

Whole30 Camping Food Ideas
Egg and Veggie Scrambles
Chicken Apple Sausages
Hard boiled eggs

Dinners or Lunches:
Meatloaf Onion Bombs w/ Sweet Potatoes
Paleo Chili topped with Avocado
Taco Salad (Brown Beef and salsa over the fire) Serve with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Avocado
Chicken, Peppers, Onions, and Zucchini Kabobs (use a Whole30 marinade)
Salmon in foil pouches
Burgers with all the fixings except the bun
Chili topped Baked Potatoes
Hot Dogs and/or Chicken Apple Sausages

Do you have any other Whole30/Paleo Camping Food Ideas for me? 

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