Life Lately- The end of July edition

Monday, August 11, 2014

We go to church near the beach so we have started going to the beach after church... It is awesome.  

We went to a CC Mock Day. It was great for me to watch the tutor since I will be tutoring but it was also great for me to get to watch Kenley because since I am tutoring I won't get to see how she is in class. She did great and now she is super excited for school to start! 

Washi tape bookmarks for Kenley's party favors! I keep a little bowl filled with washi bookmarks in my night stand so that I can bookmark my latest book and also recipes I want to try in my cookbooks! I love them! 

Ocean themed Kiwi Crate fun! 

Food coloring toppers became tiny party hats for Kenley's toy giraffes! 

Surprise!! Grammy came to visit! I had Brian call me and tell me that he needed me to go to the airport and pick up a Marine who was stranded and take him to the shop. It was dumping down rain when we pulled up to the airport, the girls were looking out the car windows for Daddy's friend and then they saw Grammy! They were SO excited! 

One Last Goodnight 4 year old! 

Goodnight silly 3.5 year old! 

Best birthday wake-up present ever?! 

 The Cake! I would like a piece right now! 

Mexican for birthday dinner! 

The Havelock Library has the best story time! This time we made Ice Cream! 

The girls earned their "Ronk Summer Reading Star" Program Golden ticket so we went to the Accidental Artist and painted some mugs! 

Minion Mug for Kenley 

They LOVE this giraffe :)

 Kenley has grown an inch since her tooth fell out in June! CRAZY! 

It rained like crazy every day of my Mom's trip but Kenley's party (Praise the LORD) so that meant that many of our plans had to be changed. We didn't get to take her to see the wild horses or to the beach but we did get to go to the Aquarium! 

The Aquarium has a Dinosaur theme this summer and the girls LOVE it! 

After the Aquarium we went to Crabby Patty's in Havelock! I have always wanted to go there but from the outside it either looks like it will be a great local place or a total dive.. Thankfully it was a (clean) great local place! We ordered TONS of fried food! They have fried brownie bites too! They did not disappoint!

Don't get in the way of these girls and the dessert Grammy!... They do take after their Mother :) 

We found a turtle in our yard! Kenley named it Shelly...

Then it was time to take Grammy back to the airport... Kenley was distraught. It was so sad! :(

 Picking up our pottery! 

Annnd... the next day Claire's mug bit the dust...

This is the biggest bug I have EVER seen. I could see its EYES! It was like 4 inches long. I almost wanted to touch it... but then I realized it could eat me so I refrained :) 

August. Man, its the 10th and I am still not on board with August being here already. Get lost August! I am so not ready for summer to end!! 


Amy said...

It's true! August IS the Sunday of Summer. :(

Cute pictures! Can't believe Kenley is 5!

Amy said...

James saw the picture of the girls doing pottery and yelled (very matter-of-fact-ly): "Kenley needs her smock."