The NC to NV Move - April and May 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

April 28th we left our home in NC and headed toward the great unknown of Las Vegas! 

We love our Goodfellows! 

Timillian the travel cat. Moving across the country with a cat can be done! We had a whole set up for him in the back but he much prefers to ride on the drivers lap! 

We made it to Phoenix in time for Asher's superhero 4th birthday! 

The girls and I spent a few extra days relaxing at the Kerr Resort :) 

Donuts with the "big girls" before church! We love the Barrett girls! They do CC too so when they were playing hide and seek I had them all do skip counting instead of regular counting! haha :).

We also got to spend some time at the Latimer's Pool and Citrus Grove! :) 

After a few great days with Bob and Brenda we headed to our new home! It's bright here :)

 Across the street from our new house is this AWESOME donut shop! Dangerous!! 

We love being reunited with the Peters! 

Mother's Day 2015

Most of May was spent unpacking and organizing the new house!  

Lots of playing in empty rooms! 

In NC while we were packing Timillian brought in a butterfly one day and a bird the next day... our first week in Vegas he brought in a lizard... 

Lots of people have been asking how we like Vegas.... Its kind of a complicated answer... Brian LOVES his new job! We are still trying to find a church... the search has been long and we are starting to get a little discouraged... It's pretty hard trying to find a church that can compare to One Harbor since we love it so much! .... IT IS HOT HERE.... So I kind of feel like we are just waiting for summer to be over so that the weather will cool down and we can get into our new CC routine and meet some new people! 

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