Two Playrooms

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The transition from North Carolina to Nevada and Marine Corps to civilian hasn't been easy. We still haven't found a church so we are still feeling a little unsettled. I've finally gotten a little headway on a few house organization projects so I thought it would be fun to share! 

Upstairs we have a great little loft area that is perfect for a playroom. I have rearranged this area about a hundred times and will likely rearrange it a hundred more times before we move again :)

I still need to figure out something to hang on the walls and add a few more fun pillows and twinkle lights to the reading corner! When Brian woke up this morning he found Kenley quietly sitting in the nook with a book. I love that! 

The only problem with that play area is that I am usually working on chores, cooking, and things downstairs and since we moved from a smaller house the girls still aren't used to being "SO FAR AWAY" from me :) 

This lead to the 2nd playroom.... 

Right when you walk into our house there is a big long front room. In my grown-up dreams it would be the ideal place for a formal living room with a piano. Since we don't have excess piles of money sitting around to buy extra furniture for a room that wouldn't be used often the room was just sitting empty gathering random junk. Since it wasn't going to become a fancy formal living room I wanted to turn it into something useful for our family. 

Our young family doesn't really need a formal living room. What our family needs is a place for our girls to play and still be near me and a place that we can do a bit of our homeschooling. I've decided to drastically reduce the girls screen time so it helps that they have lots of things available for them to play with at any given time! 

We divided the room into half play/school room and half workout room... Honestly I haven't worked out their yet but the house came with the treadmill and there wasn't really any other place to put it :) 

 I wanted to figure out a way to have a hard surface on the floor in here for building bricks and playing with wood blocks. I had lots of ideas on how to make a wooden "rug" but when we were at Home Depot the other day I saw that they sell chalkboard pieces this size for only $10! I'm looking forward to the girls being able to decorate this with chalk markers to represent roads, paths, rivers, etc.

 The other day the girls drew their favorite Trader Joe's employee :) She has blue and purple hair and is the nicest checker that we have ever met... That is saying something for Trader Joe's too because every checker there is always so nice and happy! As soon as I figure out how to seal chalk pastels we will be delivering these to her :) 

Also note the count down chains the girls made for our trip to Washington. We are just a little excited :)  Claire drew a rainbow and Kenley drew a picture of her and Grammy... I'm already dreading having to leave Washington and head back down her... Kenley may cry the entire trip back to Vegas. 

This week at the library the girls and I discovered these enchanting pop up books by Robert Sabuda. Monday we checked out The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast and today we checked out Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. The craftsmanship in these books is truly astonishing and they really are a treat to read for both grown ups and kids!  


Amy said...

So cute! Love the 2 playrooms!

Carol Blanchet said...

I think it's great that you make YOUR house work for YOU! It's your family's space and you should enjoy it how you enjoy it... not how the magazines or Pinterst tell you to. :-)

Ya know... maybe we should make a play day at the park or Jetty Island when you are in WA.

Love and Laughter,