Sunday, April 24, 2016

In March, my family came down and my Dad took us all to Disneyland! 
It was a bit crowded due to spring break but it was such a fun day! 

Sleeping Beauty's Castle...

Riding Dumbo...

He loves taking selfies with me :)

We to the Blue Bayou for dinner which is my favorite! I have such fun memories of eating there as a kid! The food was yummy and you just can't beat the ambiance!

 Splash Mountain! My favorite! Obviously not Claire's favorite! Haha

We went on lots of rides and had so much fun but I don't have pictures of all of that! One highlight that I don't want to forget is riding the Matterhorn. It is a single seat ride which meant that Claire had to ride by herself... She doesn't like rides so we weren't sure how she would do and my Mom was scared that Claire would get scared and try to turn around in her seat and get to us. I rode in the front, Claire rode in the middle, and Brian rode in the back and put his hands on Claire's shoulders. Much to our surprise Claire LOVED the Matterhorn ride! She wanted to go on it again but we couldn't because the line was very long! She tells everyone that it is her favorite ride! I was so proud of how brave she was!

Minnie's kitchen...

Our Pluto...


I just have to post this inappropriate picture because it makes me laugh so so much!

Mickey Ice Cream!

Kenley's ice cream dropped on the ground and she was heart broken. Sweet Claire came to the rescue and gave Kenley hers. I love witnessing sweet sister moments like that!
Goodnight Disneyland!

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