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Monday, April 18, 2016

Warning: This post will likely only make sense to fellow Classical Conversations people :) 

In January it was time for us to do another Family Presentation at CC. Last year I made Timeline cards for each of my CC students to hold up as we sang the "I'm part of my timeline" ending to the timeline song. That gave me the idea to make a Ronk Family Timeline and present it for a family presentation.

The CC Timeline is one of my most favorite parts of CC. Growing up in Christian School I feel like I had two timelines in my head the "biblical" one and the "historical" one. In reality it is all ONE timeline!! I love how the CC timeline has helped me with my view of history and I am so thankful that we are able to present history to our girls this way right from the beginning! 

Kenley's card from last year...
Now that this CC year is over I need to make Kenley and Claire each a card for this year! I plan to make them one at the end of each school year. :)

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Rougeuxhomeschool said...

How did you make these? They’re amazing.