Sensory Art Class #6 Halloween

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

 Sensory art class #6  happened to fall on Halloween, we did pumpkins the week before so that the kids could have them for decoration. I came up with a few fun and not too spooky Halloween activities! I have the least amount of pictures this week because I was busy helping the mad scientists! 

Black beans in the sensory bin with fake spider webbing, fake spiders, and other plastic bugs. I gave the kids tongs and had them try to rescue the bugs from the spiders webs. 

We used white crayons to make webs on watercolor paper and then went over the crayon pictures with a Kool aid wash. A packet of Kool aid mixed with a little bit of water makes the best sensory liquid watercolors! We also had salt for sprinkling onto our wet watercolor pictures. 

At the Mad Scientist station I covered some trays with baking soda, sprinkled a few drops of food coloring around the surface, and then covered it with more baking soda. I gave the kids cups of vinegar and pipettes and then dripped the vinegar on. They LOVED it. There were a lots of kids who stayed at this station for the full hour. That is saying a lot for 2-5 year olds! 

At the Play doh station I set out colored Play doh, google eyes, and cut pipe cleaners for the kids to make their own monsters! 

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