24 Weeks!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

(Please excuse the bella band, that is what happens when you wash all of your maternity pants in the same load and then forget to move that load to the dryer. :)

I am 24 weeks today! Yay! I was reading up on how she is developing and it says that she should weight just barely over a pound this week...... Yeah she was already a pound at my ultrasound.... Hmmm I think she is going to be a big baby. :) Just like her Daddy. Also exciting this week in her development is that she can hear now. So now she can hear when Brian talks to her. All he really says is "Hi Baby, this is Daddy", but at least now she can actually hear him!

In other exciting news... The nursery fabric came in today and I LOVE IT!!!! It is even better in person! I am so excited to get started working on it all!

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Amy said...

Cute! There's a baby in there!