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Monday, April 27, 2009

Posting might be a little light for awhile because we have been having some problems with Brian's laptop getting the 'blue screen of death'. We think it might be fixed now, but were not quite sure.

I had a doctor's appointment Friday. I had to do the blood sugar test thing, it made Kenley go crazy! I told them that I wished they would have given that to me before my ultrasound! Brian is home sick today. He has had a fever and is sicker than I have ever seen him. He missed church yesterday and I have never seen him miss church for being sick. I had to go back into the doctor today to give more blood..... Grrrr... I guess that they took the wrong tests on Friday. I have had to give blood at every appointment..... And I do not do well with giving blood. Passing out or throwing up are highly likely, but thankfully neither of those happened today.

I made some Paci Clips this weekend! There are lots of Pregnant ladies at our church right now, and they make a great little addition to the baby shower gift. I took a blue one and that striped one to a shower on Saturday. I combined the tutorials that are here and here. Here is the pictures of a few mine:
Saturday I picked up all the stuff from my painting party!! I love it all but just look at how perfect the monogram turned out next to the fabric!!


Christy said...

I absolutely love her initials. Please post pictures of the rest of the stuff they made!

Steph said...

Oh, those turned out so good! Joan and Stacey did an excellent job!

Here's the link to that poodle I was telling you about. It made me think of Sadie (please excuse the name of the website!!):


Keri Ronk said...

Oh my gosh that poodle is hilarious. I feel bad for it but at the same time I love it. :)