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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here are the ladies + David last night @ Maryn and Daniels

And here are the men folk

Today we went with Fred and Terri to Bakers Square {YUM}(I meant to get a picture of us there but was distracted by the syrup). Then we headed to lots of thrift stores then TJ Maxx then Ross then lunch @ Panera Bread (Also yum!) then we headed to more thrift shops. We also made a trip to Starbucks for a Green Tea Lemonade :)

See those things that I am holding up? Those are Cobalt Blue Kitchenaid Measuring Spoons!!! Now my set is complete! I have every thing else thanks to my wonderful Mother who found a ton of it at a kitchen store @ Christmas that was going out of business. I had almost given up on finding any so when I saw them I had to snatch up both sets! Just in case!

Terri and Fred bought me some really cute maternity shirts at Ross today too! No picture yet but I am sure they will show up in my weeks pictures :)

I found this pattern for 5 cents @ the Habitat for Humanity Resale store! I told Brian I am going to make a robe for him just like the skimpy yellow one in the picture because that is hot! :)

We saw this chair @ another thrift store. It is kinda pricey @ $79 but I think that I am in love with it. We didnt get it but now that I have left the store without it I really want to go back tomorrow or monday and see if they still have it. It is solid wood and in great conditon.

Plus they sell these really similar chairs @ Pottery Barn for $399.00

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KMom said...

I love that chair too. Where will you put it and are you going to leave it wood color or paint it white? It looks like it is in good shape. You can make a cute cushion for it too.