Kenley's 6 Month Photos

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here are some of Kenley's 6 month pictures! Kenley wasn't being super smile-y that day but I still think we got some good ones!

{These were all taken by Capture the Moment Photography, the same lady who did her other professional pictures.}

This yellow dress was mine when I was a baby! Kenley loved the strings on it so we didn't get a picture that matched the picture of me like I wanted so I will probably be going to Wal-mart soon to get another picture taken of her in it while it still fits.

This ring was sent to Kenley by her Great Great Aunt Ann. Aunt Ann is one of the sweetest ladies in the entire world and this ring was hers when she was a baby and now she is passing it on to Kenley!


Jenny said...

Oh Keri! Kenley is so sweet. I think she is looking more and more like you each day :) What a happy little lady. I miss you!

KMom said...

Love the pics!!

Sandy said...

Photographer and model both did an excellent job.

Anonymous said...

Precious! Precious! Precious!
I can't wait to hold her again!
Love you! Gramma