Birthday get together!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Last night the Goodfellow family hosted a birthday get together for me! I got to choose what we had for dinner so I chose chocolate chip pancakes and breakfast food! {I think I need to get back to being that girl who was once planning on becoming a nutritionist, otherwise our kiddos are going to be on the fast track to being on the Biggest Loser.} Seriously though, I love chocolate chip pancakes and they were so good! Thanks Melissa! After dinner we played Mafia, can you believe that Stephen, Lauren, and Brian were the Mafia 2 times in a row! Lauren was Mafia every time, I think that we are helping her to become a better liar :). That is such a fun game! Thanks friends for honoring me with a little bday party!

Lily Kate and Kenley loved looking at the fishies.... no so much looking at the camera though
I love this sweet girl!

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Maryn said...

Yeah! Happy Early Birthday!