Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yesterday we went to the Helping Hands final closing sale and got everything in the picture below for $20.74! We found a nickel in a pocket though so that brings our total to $20.69!

We scored a big mirror for this project, a ball gown, 2 boxes of glass ornaments, a box of Christmas light bulbs, 2 cans of clear spray paint, a white pumpkin, a changing pad for the Church nursery, a coat for Brian, a skirt for me, a pair of nice snow pants, a pool noodle for this project, 5 air filters, a new air vent (since ours is ugly!), and that folding table!

We are super excited about our finds! We walked out of there feeling like we had ripped them off! Then we went to Lowes and found a $5 gallon of mis-tint paint that I think it going to look awesome on the coffee table we are refinishing! What a great Saturday spent hanging out with the Hubs and Kenley!


Sandy said...

Hey, I saw that ball gown! Good thing I didn't pick that up for my next ball, huh? I got there at 8 am, thought I might see you 3, but no, but there were a lot of other people there. Check out my blog for my haul!

Jenny said...

Hey Keri,
I'm still so sad that Helping Hands is closed, and that I couldn't even spend some last days shopping there! :) I LOVE the pool noodle project. I can't wait to see how that turns out, so super cute!