The Church Search

Monday, August 30, 2010

In North Carolina we really felt that God was using us at Pleasant Acres, so coming back to Washington we want to be sure that we are attending the church that God calls us to rather than just attending Grace by default.

Don't get me wrong, we still love everyone at Grace and there is a high chance that we will attend there, we just want to be sure that that is God's will for our life here in Washington.

Yesterday we visited Northwest Baptist Church. It was actually pretty similar to Pleasant Acres and if you closed your eyes you could really pretend like you were in the south. The pastor is actually from North Carolina and for their christian school's fundraiser they were selling North Carolina BBQ sandwiches! Dr. David Gibbs Jr., Founder of the Christian Law Association, was actually the guest speaker which we were really excited about because we have heard his son, Dr. David Gibbs III, many times at Pleasant Acres and we have loved him every time.

Terri actually came with us to the evening service so that she could hear Dr. Gibbs since she had also heard his son before and it turns out that her cousin attends the church and his daughter was actually the first person who greeted us and was super nice to us. So how funny that we are all related!

Visiting this church made me miss Pleasant Acres so much! They even had special music during the evening service and the song that the men chose was from our Christmas Cantata! We still have other churches left to visit before we make a decision but I will let you know when we do!


Emily said...

Thank you for your post. Channing and I as still in the same boat. We have been going to a church but we are not sure if that is where God wants us to serve. My aunt and uncle just moved back form teh Midwest and he was an Elder at his church and they might be planting a church in our community they are going to need a lot of help and I want this to happen but I want it to be in the Lord will. Please pray for us. Always remember that I am praying for you.

Radmacher's R US said...

MCN!!! Come to MCN!!! The new pastor is absolutely AMAZING, so fun, real, and cares so deeply about each one of us!!

I think it is great that you guys are searching... good things

Carol Blanchet said...

Please visit Everett Bible Church!
We meet at Normanna Lodge on Oakes Ave. Family Bible Hour is from 9-10am and then service starts at 10:30

Unknown said...

We'd love to have you come visit First Baptist, too. :) We do have a young marrieds Sunday School class that Robert and I attend, and we're going through the "Love and Respect" series. It's fantastic!

Fellowship time is at 9:30, Sunday School at 9:45 and service at 11:00a.m.

We also have a Sunday evening Bible Study at our house, and we're going through 30 Life Principles by Charles Stanley.

On Thursdays at 6pm, I have a ladies' Bible study that meets here. We start next Thursday!

I'd love to have you visit any of the above. Just let me know! :)