Kenley's Actual Birthday

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kenley had to go in for her 12 month check-up the day before her actual birthday she weighed in at 15 pounds 6 ounces which is still way below 0% on the weight scale but they didnt seem too concerned any more since this is just tending to be her pattern.
She is such a big girl now! She has 6 teeth and loves to eat anything cold especially grapes and frozen go-gurt. She is also into everything now! I think that she will be walking really soon (now that Daddy is home I wont have to push her over)!
For dinner we took her to a mexican restaurant for birthday dinner because I wanted her to wear a sombrero. She hated the sombrero! It didnt help that we waited like an hour after eating for them to come sing. It was hilarious though, I wish that I would have gotten video of the whole mess of them singing and Kenley being freaked out by them and the "fried ice cream". Haha it was all hilarious! Ian, Kim, Brian, and I were laughing so hard!


KMom said...

Cumpleanos Felices Kenley !!!! X O

Emma said...

Hahahhaha, I can just see you pushing your daughter over and it makes me laugh, lol. Give her lots of kisses for me!