Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are finally back in Marysville! Though if I am being completely honest I would like nothing more than returning to our house and life in North Carolina. I really feel like we are just on vacation and that we will be going back to NC soon. :(

Kenley and I caught nasty colds somewhere between Tennessee and Washington, so we are still down for the count right now. Brian is working hard as ever with my dad to get carpets laid and all of our furniture in place.

Oh and then my parents place (where we will be living) was robbed at gun point yesterday morning. Get this, my mom was told by the gunmen to get on the ground and she told them no. SERIOUSLY?!? Yes my mom is a brave crazy 90 pound woman! Praise the Lord that the gunmen decided to just leave once she refused to get on the ground! The gunmen took two laptops and a cell phone. We are really hoping that we can get the computers back just for the sake of the pictures that are on them.

So updates might be a little sparse until we are all set up at the new place and everything calms down just a bit! If you have been wanting to get together with us, give us a few weeks to get over these colds and get everything in its place and then give us a call! Thanks!


Emma said...

We want you back in NC too! Maybe that means you'll be back one day! ;) We've been gone almost three years and my heart is still there!
Love you guys, glad you made it safe, and PRAISE GOD for keeping your mom safe!

Emily said...

Keri so glad you guys are home now. I know that you will be missed and that you miss NC but you will enjoy being with family and having your girls be with grandparents.

Emily said...

Your mom is a very brave, an lucky, women! That's so scary! Hope you all are doing well.

Steph said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad your Mom is okay! She's a brave lady!

There's always the good chance you'll come back to NC. I mean... Camp Lejeune and MCAS CP are kind of a big deal here. ;)