Kenley's Birthday Party!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally Pictures of Kenley's Crayon First Birthday! These are a mixture of pictures taken by my camera, Becky, and Jenny!

I didn't get a good overall shot of everything, but in this one you can see that each of the tables had different colored tablecloths with white craft paper over the top so that everyone could color on the tables!
I think the tissue paper pom poms were one of my favorite details!
Here is the bow that I made for Kenley! I made bows that matched this one for each of the four littlest girls and then I made all different bright color bows for all of the older girls attending the party so that they could all pick their favorite color!
Cake Time! Kenley actually was totally freaked out when everyone started singing happy birthday to her.

Kim and Ian were such a help to us! I seriously could not have gotten everything done without them!
I am pretty sure that Kenley didn't draw that herself :)


Maryn said...

YEAH!! Love the pictures! So much fun!

KMom said...

Oh, everything looks so cute! The decorations are darling! And the cake, I've never seen anything like that before, soooo cute. X O X O

Emily said...

Love that cake! That's so cool.

Terri said...

What a party! I SO wish we could have been there! That cake was awesome! were the pom poms, girlie clips, and drawing on the "tablecloths". I'm so glad Ian and Kimmy got to meet your church family! (As I was scrolling through the pictures I thought...boy, that boy sure looks like Ian!...Oh yeah, Kimmy and Ian were there and I forgot!)