3 Months Old!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ClaireBaby is 3 months! She has just started to smile at us this past week!

Her face totally lights up and she looks completely like her Daddy when she smiles.

The first time she smiled, she was looking at Kenley! That totally melted me heart!

I think she may be the slowest nurser ever! She nurses for about an hour at each feeding.

She is like clockwork with her 4 AM wake up.

I quit eating dairy and have seen a huge improvement in her spitting up. It is so hard for me to cut out dairy so sometimes I slip up and have some. When I do slip up, she lets us know. So for now I really need to be stricter about the no dairy. Hopefully the dairy thing wont be something that she has to deal with forever!

She is such a sweet baby and she really loves cuddling with her Mama which I love!

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