Claire's Baby Shower

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Church threw Claire and Jayne Rothenberger (1 week younger than C) a baby shower two Saturdays ago! What a blessing! I honestly was not expecting the church to throw us a baby shower since she is our second girl born so soon after Kenley. They really gathered together to bless us!
Jolie Hall made the cake! She is amazing! When I was pregnant with Claire she used to tell me how great I looked. Trust me she always made my day! If you see a pregnant woman today, tell her how great she looks! It will make her day!
See that coffee punch in the corner? I love that stuff. It has sugar in it... I had a sip...
Esther organized a craft of painting onesies for Claire and Jayne! It was such a fun project! I love crafts and I definitely got engrossed in making a onesie for Jayne!
Claire slept for almost the entire shower. She looks so sweet when she sleeps.

Obviously Kenley loved when I grabbed her to take a picture with me. :)
My Sister and My Mom were about to come to the shower too! Look! Mom's eyes are open in a picture!! It only took 3 takes :)
How sweet are those tutu onesie decorations?
And how sweet are the precious babies in the tutu decorations!!
They weren't too happy about Nadene and I putting the tutus on them. I want to add funny captions to this photo!
I love this picture of their tutu-ed buns! Isn't that quilt gorgeous! A sweet lady from church made Claire and Jayne each a quilt!
Thank you sweet church family for blessing us!

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Jenny said...

<3 it! All of it! Claire is beautiful and so is Miss Kenley :)