June Goals Recap

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Goals Recap!

- Read the book of James everyday- Success! I have really enjoyed James!
- Transition Claire into the crib and out of the hallway- Success! It is so nice having the girls share a room! It was so much easier of a transition than I thought it would be!
- Keep making the bed- Success!
- Go to the Children's Museum at least 3x - We only made it there 1x.
- Recreate Thrive's Quinoa and Red Rice Grain Bowl!- I tried creating a different quinoa grain bowl and discovered that I don't care for quinoa when I make it... Maybe I make it wrong. I will let Thrive handle the Quinoa making from now on.
- Have a garage sale! Success! We made a good amount of money and purged a ton o junk!
- Buy and install retractable clothesline for our cloth diapers- Fail. I totally forgot to order this.
- Make Whole Wheat Bread- Fail. I did however find an awesome store bought bread that I love! Rudi's Organic 14 Grain is delicious!
- Set up kiddie pool for Kenley- Success! We have been loving playing in the kiddie pool! We fill it up with buckets of hot tub water so that it is nice and toasty for Mommy to hang out in it with Kenley!
- Go to the park at least 2x- Fail, we only went 1x.
- Walk at least 4x- Success! I lost count of how many times we went but it was well over 4! We finally got a double stroller so now I am ready to go walking all the time!
- Go on at least 2 dates with the Hubs- I am sad to report that this is a fail. We did go on 1 awesome date to Anthony's though!

July Goals

- Read the book of Philippians everyday
- Walks 2x per week
- Go to Children's Museum 2x
- Keep making the bed
- Throw an awesome 2nd birthday party for Kenley
- Go on a date with the Hubs
- Read a book
- Save Money!
- Make more meals!

I am taking it a bit easy on myself this month since we will be in Lake Chelan for a good part of the month.

How did you do on your goals?

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Emma said...

I need goals. :(