Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day at the Pumpkin Farm

This year we went to Craven Pumpkin Farm in Snohomish. It is an awesome pumpkin farm because in addition to having tons of pumpkins, there is also a lot of stuff to see and a lot of stuff for kiddos to climb on!

Auntie was home from college!

Kenley did not want to be held by Mommy for a picture, she only wanted Grammy.

Claire still loves her Mommy :)

We will definitely be going back to Craven Farm next year!


Christy said...

Kenley looks so cute in her little fleece!

Emma said...

Don't trip on that lip, Kenley!

Kimi said...

I've gone there every year of my life! Crazy. They have an awesome farm. We're taking all the Awana kiddos next Saturday.

KMom said...

awe, love it :)