October Goals

Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Goals Recap

I actually forgot about a few of my goals for this month until I was writing this post! Ooops! Hopefully October will be better!

- Read the book of 1 Thessalonians everyday- Success!
- Wake up AND get out of bed before 7:30 on weekdays- This one gets blue because while I didn't get up before 7:30 EVERY morning, I definitely made a lot of progress toward getting up earlier. 8:30 is now totally sleeping in!
- Read at least 1 chapter of Psalms to Kenley during breakfast on weekdays- Fail.. I am so bummed that this didn't work out. I usually am trying to get Kenley to eat breakfast and nurse Claire at the same time so it just doesn't work out. I would really like to attempt this goal again when the girls are a bit bigger.
- Pray with Kenley before all of her meals (We do dinner, but rarely breakfast or lunch)- Fail.. Sad.. I need to get in the habit! There were many times where I just totally forgot, especially if she was eating at a different time than me.
- Drink fresh green juice every weekday morning. Success! I actually juiced every morning this month! I love it! Brian is totally on board now too! He asked me to start making juice for him to take to school every morning too!
- Wash juicer immediately after making/drinking juice!! Success!!
- Try to follow The Raw Food Detox Diet- I plan on doing a post specifically about how doing the Raw Food Detox diet is going!
- Get back on the cloth diaper bandwagon- I didn't do exclusive cloth, but I did better.
- Make homemade laundry detergent... I haven't done this since we have lived in Washington.. Shame Shame! Fail... Totally forgot...
- Order pictures for the picture wall!! Seriously this time! Fail... Totally forgot...
- Exercise at least 4x per week! - Success! I started going to weekly Turbo Kick classes and Cycling classes as well as walking 2x per week with some ladies from church. I love Turbo Kick and I sort of like cycling.... :) It wouldn't be so bad if my rear wasn't so sore the next day!
- Do something really fun to celebrate 5 years of marriage to an amazing man! We went to Seattle and hung out for the day and went to The Melting Pot for dinner!

October Goals
{Edited October 6th to change the weekly goals to monthly overall goals.}

- Read the book of 2 Thessalonians every day
- Wake up and get out of bed before 8 AM most weekdays
- Make the bed every morning
- Go to bed earlier than 11 PM most nights
- Read a book
- Juice every morning
- Clean juicer immediately after using it
- Go to at least 5 group fitness classes
- Go walking 8x
- Go to the Children's Museum 3x

What are your goals for October?


Christy said...

Yay Turbo Kick!!! :-D

Emily said...

I love having someone to hang with during turbokick and cycling :] I really hope to make the Thursday morning walk a regular thing for me. I really enjoyed it!