March Recap and April Goals

Sunday, April 1, 2012

March was..... interesting to say the least. We had a great family vacation to Arizona but other than that the month just seems like a blur!

March Goals

- Read through the book of Proverbs thoroughly- I have really enjoyed Proverbs! I love that I can highlight passages in the ESV Bible app that I use!
- No (processed) Sugar. Miserable Fail! I think I made it to day 10. I have decided that I just do not do well when I put restrictions on foods because as soon as its off limits I want it so much more and then when I get it I cannot control my portion sizes. March was a horrible month for eating healthily.
- Run 35 miles- Fail.
- Work on table manners with Kenley- I actually totally forgot about this goal. Oops!
- Stay on top of the laundry- Success! Sort of! It was such a funky month with vacation and all that!
- Take away the girls paci's. Success!?! This has actually gone much smoother than I expected! Kenley still asks for her paci but at least we are to the point now where she can fall asleep without it! It has been a lot easier with Claire so I think that with future children I will try to break them of the paci around her age rather than Kenleys.

April Goals

- Read through Psalms
- Get back to running/half marathon training
- Get back on track with healthy eats
- Juice everyday!!!!!
- Paint the bathroom
- Stay on top of laundry
- Start sorting stuff for a garage sale in May
- Go to the Children's Museum twice
- Go to the library for story time
- Go to a park
- Go on 2 walks
- Get the ball rolling with changing the kitchen back splash

What are your goals for April? Are you ready to spring clean and purge everything like I am? I don't know if it was that burst of Vitamin D that I got in Arizona, but I am so ready to clean and organize everything!

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