The Zoo!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday after church we headed to the zoo with our good friends the Peters! It was a gorgeous day in Seattle. We could not possibly have asked for better weather! I guess Kenley remembered our zoo trip from last year because she kept asking to see the giraffes. Giraffes are definitely her favorite animal right now.

We started the trip with a little picnic. This picture is mainly here to show that Claire and Asher were there too. I guess Kenley and Gracen were just "into" seeing the animals :) 

I actually didn't take any pictures of animals without kids in the pictures. You can kind of see the girls looking at the bears in this picture.

Kenley's favorite! We were actually walking past the pens as they were putting the giraffes in their barn so we got to see them really up close without a huge crowd in our way! Kenley LOVED it! She narrated everything the giraffe did. "Giraffe is eating a tree" "Giraffe is funny" "Giraffe is 1!" 

I can't say that going to the zoo is something we would do all the time, but once a year it is a fun treat! Especially with friends!

(By the way, I love that blogger changed so that we can upload multiple pictures at once and make them BIG!!) 

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