Too Fast!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I was clearing out the random folder on my computer desktop last night and came across these photos of the girls. I was shocked at how much Kenley has changed. Claire has obviously changed a ton too, but it is more expected with her. I won't lie. A tear was definitely shed when I saw Kenley's sweet baby face from a year ago.

How did they go from this...
To this????
I'm guessing that this growing up thing will not get any easier for their Mama.


Emily said...

That just means you have to have another one so you have a new baby to distract from their growing ;] ha

Kimberly Hiegel said...

Not for their auntie either): especially when I miss so much):

KMom said...

Now you can relate to when I say "don't blink, soon they'll be having kids of their own" )
Too fast for sure, but so wonderful to see the different stages, all are fun :)

Melissa said...

So sweet!