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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A week ago I got hit with the stomach flu. hard... The girls just got a touch of it but I was down for 5 days. It was awful! I am finally feeling human again!! 

The first few days of the flu I was too miserable to watch TV or even read a book but the last few days I got a lot of reading in! This is me every time I finish a book in a series and the next book isn't available yet...

The poor girls basically took care of themselves while I was in bed and Brian was at work.

You may know that we have struggles with getting the girls to eat meals. They aren't picky about vegetables or anything like that they just don't want to eat. It is so frustrating! This week we have decided to cut snacking out completely and that seems to be helping! I have also started using this Pampered Chef cut and seal sandwich press... a lot.... I never thought I would be one of those Mom's who cut the crust off their kids sandwiches.. I thought they should just suck it up.... Buuuuut... One day at lunch Claire ate 3 of these sandwiches and 3 string cheese all without me having to nag once.... THAT IS HUGE! So for now the sandwich press stays :) 

Kenley loves her Teddy and dresses him in her (or Claire's) clothes every day... 

I made an army of dinosaur crayons for my friend Emma's sons birthday party! 

 Kenley saw the big box of crayons out and requested to do melting crayons! How could I say no to this sweet face?

Claire wanted in on the action too... She makes me nervous :) 
 *I ordered that big box of crayons from Oriental Trading Company. They are already peeled which makes them great for doing melting crayons and for making fun crayon shapes! 

We made our first visit to Storytime at the Library! 

Walmart had fresh mint! Mmmm mint is one of my favorite smells! 

I have decided that beach buckets are better than gift bags! 

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Amy said...

Glad you're feeling better! Love the pictures of the girlies!