Mother's Day 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

 Yesterday turned out much differently than we had planned but it ended up being a great day! Around 6:30 in the morning we were woken up by a phone call saying that Brian had duty that day.... Lame! We had planned to have a picnic lunch on the beach after church. Time to re-plan the day into a girls day! 

Since it was Mother's Day the girls and I got Dunkin Donuts on the way to church... That was a lie... We got Dunkin Donuts because I am hooked on their Irish Cream Iced Coffee :) 

Church was awesome! We have started going to One Harbor Church in Morehead City and we love it! After church we went to Panera Bread with some new friends who go to One Harbor and will also be doing Classical Conversations with us in the Fall! 

After lunch on the drive home I was thinking of what we could do with the rest of our day... We haven't visited The Accidental Artist since moving back and I knew that it would be a super fun girls day activity! 

Kenley found her tiny footprints on the counter... 

Claire's are on there too! 

Claire painted a puppy...

Kenley painted a Kitty...

My sweet girls...

We are always painting handprint/footprint mugs for the girls grandparents for holidays but I have never made one for myself. I had to change that! The crayon handprints were my favorite from last years Handprint/Footprint Calendar so thats what we did! 

After the Accidental Artist we headed to the park! The girls ran and climbed and I sat there and watched them... WITHOUT being on my phone too much :) I did send Brian a few picture texts of the girls playing though! I am trying to be more present all the time rather than constantly checking my phone and Instagram. 

After the park we picked up Taco Bell for dinner, headed home, ate, had glow bath time, and then snuggled up on the couch and watched Monster's Inc. 

Yesterday was a great perspective change for me! We missed Brian but it was really good for me to spend a day just enjoying the girls. If Brian had been home I would have been tempted to take a day off and just curl up in bed with a book. That sounds nice... But that's not what I need to recharge me as a Mom. What I need to recharge me as a Mom is to spend quality time enjoying the girls! 


KMom said...

Awe, looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day :) You are a wonderful Mom :) Beautiful pictures :)

Amy said...

You are a GREAT mom. Glad you had a great day with your sweeties!