Crafts Lately

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

 We have finally gotten back in our crafty groove! It seems silly but when we have regular crafting time we are all in better moods! 

I bought a pack of canvases and am planning to do a canvas gallery wall in the craft room so we have done a few canvas projects this week! 

Last Saturday we made a butterfly canvas inspired by Whatever...

Our watercolors turned out kind of chalky.. so we may redo this with different water colors so we can have brighter butterflies. 

Next up the melted crayon canvas! I am sure you have seen these all over Pinterest! 

This next project's outcome was a flop but the girls still had fun with the process. On a whim I bought this glow chalk kit from Walmart. It had such potential! The girls had fun mixing and shaking the ingredients to make the chalk but unfortunately the chalk never dried out completely and only 1 color barely glowed. I called Crayola and they sent me a refund coupon to buy more Crayola products... I have my eye on this :) 

We've been playing with regular chalk and homemade sidewalk chalk paint too! 

Thursday the girls made Stained Glass Candles also inspired by Whatever...

At the Library's Storytime that morning the girls made me the little candle jars for Mother's Day. 
Kenley's are on the left and Claire's are on the right..

Friday, Kenley and I did some watercolor canvases. I cut the Seattle Skyline with vinyl and my Silhouette. We put the vinyl on the canvas and then water colored! We chose to do blue and green because "Seahawks live in Seattle" :) 

Later that day Kenley needed another craft but I was busy with my Silhouette so I gave her scissors, glue, construction paper, and wiggly eyes. She came up with this monster card for James :) 

The Silhouette is a lifesaver for birthday gifts! We were invited to a birthday party for a daughter of someone Brian works with and since we don't know them it was hard to think of what to buy. Silhouette to the rescue! You can never go wrong with personalized things! They were a hit! 

More on that Birthday Party tomorrow! 


Carol Blanchet said...

Ok, can you be MY mom? You are so creative with your girlies!
I love the Seattle skyline canvas.
Thanks always for inspiring me.

Hugs from WA

Amy said...

Fun! Those butterflies are so cute! James will definitely love those monsters!