Homeschool Conference and DC Sightseeing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last weekend we made (a sort of) last minute trip to the 2014 Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Conference in Washington D.C. with our friends the Goodfellow's and the Friedlein's. 

Our first full day in D.C. the conference didn't start until 5 so we spent the day sightseeing. 

Here we are in front of President Lincoln... I should have taken a picture of the ceiling in the monument. It was gorgeous! 
(All I think of when I look at this is the Night at the Museum 2 movie) :) 

Still at the Lincoln with the Washington behind us.

I am pretty sure my Dad wears the exact same Cowboy hat... Maybe that's why Kenley adores David so much :) 

I don't know when that little one got so sassy!

My North Carolina girl...

My Washington girl...

We stopped at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum... Once again all I thought of was the Night at the Museum movies... I guess better to dwell on that than all the evolution propaganda and lies... 

Claire wanted her picture in front of the "Helephant"... 

Giraffes are funny...

Visiting the Smithsonian REALLY makes me want to take the girls to the Creation Museum! Anyone want to plan a trip with us in the next year or two? 

Brian and Gary carrying the girls down the steps.... D.C. is a busy place! 

Way in front of our future residence :) I wish we would have gotten closer but it was hot and we were melting down and getting a little hangry :)

This is the only picture I have from during the actual conference. The conference was good.... not quite what we were expecting but we loved getting to hear Ken Ham and Voddie Baucham. They are great speakers! We've started reading a few of Ken Ham's books and I will probably do a book review post when we finish them because they are worthy of a post of their own! 

The hotel the conference was held at was beautiful! These pictures are from INSIDE the hotel! So cool! It reminded me so much of Disneyland! 

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