Claire's First Day of Preschool

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

 Claire's first day of Preschool was September 4th 2014! 

As homeschoolers, it may seem totally crazy and weird that we are sending Claire to Preschool one day a week... BUT since I am a Tutor at CC we would need to find childcare for Claire anyway. The church that hosts our CC Campus has their own Preschool and they have graciously offered to let CC parents enroll their Preschool age kids on CC Days. I am pretty excited about this because I know she will be doing fun school activities rather than just having 3 hours of free time and snacking! 

She was so excited that she gets to go to school too! 

 Brian and I were able to drop her off at her Classroom! 

I made first day of school presents for Claire's teachers! 

Her teachers said that she did an awesome job! When I asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said snack time. She loves her some cheese and crackers! 

Week 2 of CC Tutoring went super well! We changed classrooms and I LOVE the layout of me new classroom! It really helped for everything to run smoothly! 

Our CC Campus has grown so much that we needed to add another class and the new Tutor is going to be Brian! I am so thankful that he is getting to tutor and be apart of our CC Community! It is also super fun to work on our lesson plans together! 

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Amy said...

Claire! Such a sweet grown-up girl!!