The Girls First Trip to the Dentist!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Monday (9/22/14) the girls had their first trip to the dentist! Before we went to the Dentist's office, Brian read the girls a My First Trip to the Dentist book so they were pretty pumped! 

Because of cancellations, the office was empty so the dental hygienists were able to clean my teeth at the same time as the girls. I didn't really get to watch them but I was in a chair near them listening and gagging on instruments while I laughed at what they said. Kenley got her teeth cleaned first, Claire sat on a stool next to her and encouraged her the WHOLE time... "You are doing great Kenley" "Good Job Kenley" You are going so good Kenley" "Mommy, Kenley is doing a great job!"

Claire did very well too! Kenley didn't quite cheer so much for Claire. Instead she talked about random things CONSTANTLY... It was as if she had to make up for those few moments where her mouth was occupied. :) 

The Dentist did say that both girls will probably need braces since their mouths don't have much space for big teeth to grow in... Especially Claire....

But if you knew Brian and I before we had our braces then you know that we have been prepared for a braces filled future for our children :) 

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