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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I just discovered that there is a town called Ronks in Pennsylvania. We totally need to make a trip up there while we are still on the East Coast!! 

Kenley and I are getting back in our Craft of the Day groove! This day we did wet chalk abstract art and melting crayons art! 
We also did some Hair Chalking :)

The next day we made some Kandinsky circles! 

I haven't been doing too much crafting on my own lately unless you count making props and games for CC :) 

I LOVE how Kenley's Australia looks like a mouth guard! Haha! So cute! 

I can't remember if I mentioned that Brian is a CC tutor now too! His boards are always neater than mine! 

The girls and I were matching at CC last week! 

ALSO.... Amanda is having a girl!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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