Preschool ABC Crafts

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I feel like I can't really jump into blogging about our new school year before I back up and post all of the crafts from our first PrePreSchool year. I've been meaning to post these for such a long time now! 

A is for Alligator Craft by Me

B is for Bubbles Craft by Amie

C is for Cupcakes Craft by Amy

D is for Dots Craft by April

E is for Envelopes Craft by Me 
(I cut tiny envelopes with my Silhouette)

F is for Feathers Craft by Me
(I cut F's with my Silhouette and we covered the front of the paper with contact paper and had the kids stick feathers onto contact paper.)

G is for Giraffe Craft by Amy

H is for Horse Craft by April

I is for Ice Cube Painting by Me
(I filled an ice cube tray with super food coloring filled water and popsicle sticks and froze it, then the kids moved those around the paper to paint it.) 

J is for Jewels Craft by Me (This one was a last minute fill in) 

K is for Kite Craft by Me

L is for Ladybug Craft by Amy

M is for Macaroni and Cheese Craft by Me 

N is for Night Craft by Amie

O is for O's Craft by Amy
(They dipped water bottles in paint and stamped them on the paper.) 

P is for Pizza Craft by Me

Q is for Q-tip Painting Craft by Amie

R is for Rabbit Craft by April

S is for Scissors and Squares Craft by Me
(I cut S's out of paper with my Silhouette and added contact paper to the back. The kids were given strips of paper with lines on it to cut into squares then they stuck them on the sticky S!) This one was great for working on those scissor skills! 

T is for Turtle Craft by Amie

U is for Underground Craft by Me
(I took them outside and I let them drizzle glue on their papers and then dump dirt onto them!) 

V is for Vase Craft by April
(They used the bottoms of plastic pop bottles to stamp the flowers.)

W is for Watercolors and White Crayons Craft by Me

X is for X's Craft by Amie
(Those little X's are tile spacers!)

Y is for Yarn Lacing Craft by Amy

Z is for Zebra Craft by April

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so so fun! Pinning for ideas this winter.