Creating a Book Club Culture at Home with Surviving the Applewhites

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Since reading Sarah Mackenzie's The Read Aloud Family last summer, I have been striving to create a book club culture at home. The two easiest ways to do this are to eat foods that are mentioned in the book and to watch a movie that goes along with the book. 

Surviving the Applewhites is a great book for a bookclub night! Our copy of the book even had discussion questions in the back that we enjoyed talking about over our themed dinner. The girls enjoyed getting to tell Brian all about the book and who their favorite characters were. 

For our Surviving the Applewhites book club night, we ate Indian food that the girls prepared using their Taste of India themed Raddish Subscription box and we watched the Sound of Music. In Surviving the Applewhites, the characters eat a lot of spicy Indian food (don't forget the purple kool-aid!) and a big part of the storyline revolves around the characters putting on a play of the Sound of Music so we definitely had to watch that! 

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