Ocean Shores with the Fram August 2018

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In August, we got away for a weekend with the Siedenburgs to Ocean Shores, WA... 

We see deer frequently at our house, but I have never seen so many deer as we did that weekend in Ocean Shores! They were everywhere and pretty tame! 

The weather wasn't super great while we were there but we still fit in a trip to the beach to put our toes in the Pacific Ocean! 

This is me, WAY too excited about the jellyfish! haha

My favorite memories from the trip are unpictured! We played lots of games at night after the kids when to bed and a new one that we played was called Monikers. It is hilarious and I highly recommend it! Although, now the four of us have played together so many times that we can't play with new people because why would normal people guess "The Elephant the Thomas Edison Electrocuted" as an answer for anything? Haha!! 

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