I got to be a hero today :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today I found a this little dog named Simba wandering outside of our house. I went outside to see if he had tags and would come to me. He was little and scared so I picked him up and then went inside to call his owners. I didnt get an answer at any of the numbers. Their voicemail said that they were pastors for a church down the road so when Brian got home I had him run over to the church to see if anyone was there. There wasnt. I was getting a little worried that they wouldn't call back because it had been almost two hours since I had first called them. But I just got a ring on my doorbell and it was them coming to get their baby! They had been out looking for him that is why they missed my calls the first time. They were so glad that I had found him and called them especially since it has been raining here all day long. They were so grateful and said that I was their hero :) I just hope that if one of our doggies gets out one day that some other dog lover will find them and give me a call!

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