Thursday, October 30, 2008

When Brian is not here I get much less sleep.

One reason being that he has to go to work early in the mornings when he is here so he needs to go to sleep earlier and I go to bed with him. So when he isnt here I can stay up on the computer and there is no one to make me go to bed... This is a bad thing....

Then on nights like tonight when I force myself to bed, I still cant even fall asleep.... My mind will not shut off! Way to much is going on tomorrow, like work when I have to dress up. Which I haven't even gotten a costume pulled together yet. Right after work is Hallelujah night at Church. Than Brian is coming home for the weekend so I want to get the house all sparkly for when he gets home so he doesn't think I have been a bum while he was gone.

So now I have scrubbed the kitchen, worked on our budget, and folded laundry..... I still am wide awake but am going to try to go to sleep again.... I would go pull a costume together right now but I dont really want to go in the garage to look for clothes, its cold and there are probably bugs in there. I think I am going to go with cowgirl though..... But we will see!

Wish me fall asleep luck!

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Bekah said...

Keri, I hope that you got some kind of sleep last night! I was up far too late as well! But I found this blog and it made me think of you! I got it off of Nancy Wilson's blog. It is very homemaker driven with recipes and decor ideas

Are you and Brian coming to Washington for the holidays at all?