Update on MECEP Board and other random info

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We found out this past week that the board that is going to decide who gets to do the MECEP Program has been pushed back again this time it is supposed to meet November 10th. First it was supposed to meet in August, then October and now November and with that date being the Marine Corps Birthday which is a busy time in the Marine Corps I honestly am guessing that we will find out in January.

In other news it is chilly here now! I actually got to wear a sweater on Sunday and our A/C will most likely be off until the spring now!

We had gotten a really low electric bill this past month and we didnt really know why. Well this morning a man from the electric company came out to do the regular check of the meter and he told me that it was old and had stopped working. I asked if that was bad for us and he told me that it was good for us bad for the power company. So we may not have an electric bill this month! :)

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