Uwharrie Camping Trip 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This past weekend we went on a wheeling/camping trip to Uwharrie National Forest with our friends Kyle and Joy. On the way there Brian was so excited for this trip that he described himself as "giddy" :) Uwharrie is about 4 hours away so on our first day we didnt arrive there until it was starting to get dark. The second day we woke up and went out on the trails. I was a little nervous about this trip because I thought that I didnt like wheeling, well it turns out that I do! Brian made the trip and the trails really fun, some of the fun was more nervous laughter because I thought we were going to roll the jeep but fun none the less :) Brian even let me drive! I had a lot of fun doing that and I actually made it over a few obstacles. Brian said he had fun navigating me along the trail! Kyle let Joy drive for a little while also. After a few hours of wheeling we decided to go back to the camp for some dinner, after dinner we headed back out on the trail for some night wheeling. That was fun also because at night it almost feels like you are on the indiana jones ride at disneyland :). Kyles Jeep got a little bit beat up that day/night and now has some battle wounds. The next morning we all woke up later than we had expected so we got a late start. We went on a trail that we had not done yet and it was my favorite! The weather was so beautiful and warm and some of the trees were starting to turn to fall colors it was gorgeous! After that trail we went back to the "difficult" trail. Not to far up that Kyle bent his tie rod to a 90 degree angle, while the boys were trying to pound that back into shape, 4 people on ATVs came to come down that slope we were on (which was at a pretty big angle and had lots of loose rock) the first 2 ATVs pass us and make it fine, the third person flipped his ATV but was able to jump off in time and not get hurt. I think that the fourth person saw the other guy fall and got distracted a bit because we took the slope at a bad angle and rolled his ATV also. It was so scary Joy and I were sitting down and we see him try to jump off and the ATV start to go down the slope and by the time we get up to see what had happened the ATV was on top of him and he was face down. It was the scariest feeling wondering if he was okay. Brian and Kyle ran down there to help them get the ATV off of him. He was banged up quite a bit but he is alive and that is what is important!!! After that we just went back to camp so that Brian and Kyle could try to fix Kyles Jeep some more. It didnt really get fixed. It really was a great trip though and I wish that they weren't moving to Japan so that we could make this an annual trip! Here are some pictures! Group picture to be posted soon its on Kyle and Joys camera!

Somehow we became the Bonk's

Here is me driving! If you notice in the picture above this one Brian is biting his lip and in this picture I am biting my lip. i think I learned that from watching him drive! I didn't notice that till I was looking at the pictures when we got home :)

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