Our Flight Home.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is just so that you can get a laugh today and be thankful that you were not sitting next to me on our plane ride home....

So on our flight from Seattle to Atlanta it was one of those cool big planes with 2 seats then 3 seats then 2 seats and all the seats have tv screens in the back of them. Well anyways we got to have the two seats right in front of the bathroom. So the whole flight went by really fast and then when we started our decent into Atlanta all of a sudden I felt really sick and immediately just threw up all over the aisle way. I didnt have time to grab one of those air sick bags or to make it to the bathroom which was 2 steps away. Pregnancy was not liking me so much that day.

So yeah that was the most embarrasing thing ever and I just thought I would share it with you because now I can look back and laugh.

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Joy said...


I heard about your lovely flight home! The joys of being pregnant. :) Anyways, we are glad we got to spend time with you and Brian. Thanks for introducing me to Taco Time!

Praying for you guys!