Terra Cotta Pots

Sunday, January 18, 2009

For some reason I just love Terra Cotta Pots. Everytime I walk into Michaels I love seeing all of the different sizes of the pots. There are tons of projects that you can do with them too! Here are a few of the projects that I like:

Terra Cotta Pot Wreath
I really want to start gardening and I think that this wreath would be so cute hanging from an ivy covered arbor or an entrance into a garden.

Terra Cotta Pot People
I would use the small pots for this one and then I would plant chia or something like that in the top pot to make the hair. I think this would be a good one for the kiddos.

Terra Cotta Pot Nativity
When our kids are old enough I think it would be cool for them to each paint and make their own and then they could each have a little nativity to go on their dressers.

Terra Cotta Fire Pit
This image isn't terra cotta but it would be a great project for a large terra cotta pot. This website even has a video on how to make this little fire pit. I think it would go great on our deck!

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