November Goals So Far

Monday, November 9, 2009

The goals are going pretty well. I think that I will make posting them a monthly thing because it has definitely kicked my rear into gear.

Here is what I have crossed off so far

1. Wash and Box up Maternity Clothes
2. Wash and Box up Brian's Desert Cammies
3. Paint my toes for the Ball
4. Make Sweater Project
5. Get Kenley's room under control
6. Wash couches
7. Make Ornament Wreath
8. Get Office under control
9. Make Chalkboard paint project
10. List stuff on Craigslist
11. Clean out Fridge

The Ornament Wreath is totally turning out to be harder than I expected. Its like a giant circular puzzle and I now need to go back and buy more ornaments because I bought all one size and it definitely doesn't work with all one size.

Oh and I painted my toes! It was super easy. I got a kit @ WalMart by Nailene and it is basically a paint pen and then 2 bottles of polish. The pen worked super well and now I have cute toes!

This month and next I will also be participating in
Dare to DIY
I am excited to get crafting!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

you go girl. It's only the 9th and you are going crazy with your list.

Cannot wait to see your ornament wreath. I love those but am too weenie to try to make one. =)

Unknown said...

I think you're doing great! I wish I was doing as well as you. :( My stuff is coming SLOWLY.

Plus, wedding stuff has got me swamped.

But good job! Keep it up!

Ashley said...

Is the ball this Saturday? Our's was last Saturday and usually I'm really bored at them, but this year we had a ton of fun! I think I had more fun dressing up and getting ready, haha.