A Dentist, The Tooth Fairy, And A Baby Tooth

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kenley's Costume is a little hard to see in these pictures so I might try to take some pictures of her in it tonight when Brian gets home because he has my Jeep which has the costume in it.

I get really into things. So, I was super excited for The Steel's costume party! I think that costume parties should be held year round and I am going to try to plan a few in the future! Maybe I will make Kenley's first birthday be a themed costume party!
In this picture you can see all of "the dentist's" toothbrushes :)
Here is what my tiara looked like before:
And After: Those letters are actually pasta that I spray painted silver!
My version of the Tooth Fairy is very fancy so I made some teeth beads out of Sculpey Clay and then strung a necklace and bracelet with leftover pearl beads from our wedding! The party was really fun, I should have taken pictures but some of the costumes included Men in Black with Aliens, A Sweat'n to the 80's Family, The SNL Spartans and lots more! I made Bacon Wrapped Pineapple as an appetizer and it was a hit! It is definitely a keeper recipe that I will make when I need a yummy appetizer!

The Friedleins were here this weekend for our Church's Homecoming Service! It was so good to have them back, It was almost like they had never left! Except that David is talking so much more! I think I am going to need to have another baby so that they will come back for another visit. :)
Just so you know Jenny was wearing heels and I was wearing flip flops so that is why I look 2 feet tall compared to everyone else :)

Okay off to go give my house some cleaning love, my kitchen is practically crying for me to finish doing the mountain of dishes that accumulated over the crazy busy weekend.


Sandy said...

Cool costume ,Keri, next time I need one you can make mine!

Terri said...

B and B were over last night and we all got a kick out of you tiara's and the tooth necklace. The question??????? What will she think of next? Love you!

Jenny said...

Hey Keri! I have so many comments I don't even know where to start! I LOVE the tiara that you made I didn't get to see it when you guys came by Preacher's house, Super cute! And to your comment of you having another baby, yes please do and we'll keep coming back :) I'm glad to see that David was at least LOOKING at the camera for this picture, he was definitely done with the day at that point. Anyway it was so wonderful to see you guys and I miss you all already. Lots of love and kisses to Kenley! I need to update my blog like soon, but I have so much to do still today!